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4 Facts to Know if You’re Facing a DUI License Suspension in Ohio

June 5, 2021

Grant Carpenter

Being charged with a DUI (aka “OVI”) isn’t on anyone’s bucket list. But it’s important to be smart about how you approach the situation once you’ve been charged. A DUI license suspension can cause all sorts of issues in a person’s life, so if it’s possible to help you keep your license, we obviously want to do everything in our power to do so. 

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The first thing that anyone charged with a DUI should do is secure legal representation. That’s crucial. Secondarily, it does help to have an understanding of the upcoming proceedings and potential consequences in front of you. Your lawyer will be able to help you understand this, but it never hurts to do some of your own research and ask questions from an informed place. Here are five facts to be aware of as you navigate your DUI charge and potential license suspension.

The Minimum DUI License Suspension is 1 Year

If convicted of your first DUI, the penalties will include a minimum of one year on a suspended driver’s license. If you’re in college, this can affect your ability to make it to class (not to mention your eligibility for continued enrollment).    

It’s Possible to Reduce Your Charges

One of my initial goals as an OVI lawyer is to identify any ways in which your arresting officer may have acted outside the scope of their duty. Should the judge agree that the officer acted incorrectly, then your DUI charge can be bumped down to a reckless operation or physical control charge. The consequences of one of these charges are significantly preferable to those of a DUI and may result in a more lenient license revocation.  

We Can Reduce the Suspension Length

A trained DUI lawyer can negotiate the suspension duration but you need to move quickly. Due to the time constraints mentioned in the previous link, it’s imperative that you reach out to a lawyer ASAP.    

We Can File For Driving Privileges to Keep You Working

A DUI license suspension can affect just about every area of your life, including your ability to make a living. If you have a daily commute to your job, our office will file papers to ensure that you can retain those driving privileges.   

You May Have to Purchase “Party Plates”

Ohio is one of a few states with special plates for those convicted of drunk driving. Not everyone who is convicted of a DUI will be required to purchase and display them, but if your lawyer gets you driving privileges, you might. A good lawyer will do everything they can to avoid “party plates” if your case goes to sentencing.

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More Questions About a DUI Charge?

Refer to our FAQ page for further information or schedule a free consultation today. There are many strategies and recourses we can explore to reduce your DUI license suspension penalties, so please do not approach your future with poor representation

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